Since 1998, Inscription has run script development initiatives for over 4,500 scriptwriters around Australia with corporate and Government sponsorship.

My role with Inscription has been art director and project manager. For the last 15 years I worked with the Inscription board to conceptualize, design, print and produce all marketing material. This included websites, proposal documents, email campaigns, posters, brochures, programs, event and performance photos, audio recordings and videos.

Marcus West, Executive Director, is today one my longest time clients and has always followed my advice on matters creative and technical with success.

Most recently Inscription received hundreds of scripts (for theater and screen) as part of the Edward Albee Scholarship for 2013. I saw the need for an online script submission and judging website. Wire-frames and features were completed within an hour and the site was operational the following day. The administration time and money saved in judging the scripts online was itself dramatic.

Working with the Inscription board has been very rewarding. I believe stories, and their performance, are important to any culture and helping writers to develop their skills is important.